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 Understanding Your P&L

Learn how to answer that question and more using your Profit & Loss Statement! In this guide, we show you a sample P&L Statement, break down its various elements, and hand you a few tips & tricks to make your P&L work for YOU instead of just for your accountant.

Do you ever arrive at the end of a month and wonder where all your money went?!

 Balance Sheet Breakdown

If you want to be able to confidently make decisions based on your balance sheet, you need to be able to understand it! Grab this free guide to help you understand each of the sections, key ratio analysis, and potential red flags on your balance sheet. 

Want to get the most out of your balance sheet?

Cash Flow Crash Course

Struggling to manage your cash flow after tax time is super common - especially if you get hit with your current year taxes and Q1 estimated tax payments at the same time! This freebie is loaded with tips to improve your monthly cash flow and make sure that moolah is flowing freely.

Struggling to manage your cash flow?

 Analyzing Your Own Financial Performance

Our guide includes SIX formulas to measure your financial performance - three for profitability (how much you're making after expenses) and three for liquidity (how easily you're able to pay your obligations).

Say goodbye to your haphazard guessing games, and say hello to DIY financial analysis with our FREE downloadable guide for small business owners.

 75+ Tax Write-Offs for Interior Designers

When it comes to tax deductions for business owners, the BEST way to ensure that an expense can be written off as a tax deduction is to ask your tax accountant who is familiar with your unique business.
With that being said...I've compiled a list of 75+ expenses that *could* be deductible for you to run by your tax accountant! This was compiled with interior designers in mind, but it could work for virtually any business.

Make sure you're claiming every deduction you can on this year's tax return!

Customizable Bookkeeping Checklist

I'm so happy you're taking the next steps to become a more confident business owner with my customizable Bookkeeping Checklist!
Keep in mind, every business has their own unique needs! Use this list as a starting point - not every checklist item is going to apply to your business (and you might need to add your own on the blank lines).

Feeling overwhelmed having to remember exactly what to do on a weekly, monthly, quarterly AND annual basis for your business!?

Tax Planning Questions

If you're looking to build generational wealth, you need to be working with an accountant to create a tailored tax planning strategy. In this guide, you'll find 14 questions to ask your tax accountant during your planning meeting.
Please keep in mind, this isn't an exhaustive list, but it's a great starting point to help guide your tax planning session!

Tax planning isn't JUST for the ultra-wealthy.



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I have some quick As to your Qs



What industries do you work with?

Happy Books Solutions works primarily with interior designers, but we have clients from several different industries. As long it’s the right fit and we know we can help you, then we will most certainly move forward even if you’re not an interior designer!


Which services are right for me?

Bookkeeping services are appropriate for everyone from the moment you open your business until you’re profitable enough to hire on a full-time accounting team. The profile of our CFO clients varies; however, it’s usually a good fit if you’ve been in business for two years or more and are bringing in around $40K revenue each month. For more information, you can view our services page or schedule a discovery call!


What if I already have a bookkeeper or tax preparer?

GREAT! We love a finance team! For all businesses, I recommend having both a tax preparer and a bookkeeper. For established businesses (2+ years of operation and/or $40K-ish of monthly revenue), you should add a CFO to the mix. Although each of these three roles has something to do with finance, they each serve different functions in a business.

You                                                about whether your business is heading in the                                              

right financial direction.

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